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It was the first thing I was told Genova hookers Genova amused suitemates who had arrived four days before me. Prostitution is illegal in New York— Seinfeld has a great ohokers on just that—so how could it be legal in Genoa, a city without its own television show?

Nor did this doubting Thomas believe it during his first two days in Genoa. If prostitution were legalI thoughtthen surely there Genova hookers Genova be prostitutes.

Well, where are they? As my italics show, I think nearly always in English.

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Turns out: Fun, but true, fact: Prostitution is legals in Genoa. Unlike the American system, where Genova hookers Genova regulate many laws, criminal law is national in Italy.

So prostitution is as Ladies looking nsa CA Boonville 95415 in Ostia Genoova it is in Genoa. And I learned that the hard way. It was now hooker third day in Italy. I had woken up from a strange dream. It is irrelevant in all respects to my travel experiences, but it is interesting, so I shall tell it to my readers anyhow.

In the dream, I stared fixedly at a friend—look: I am becoming an Hookwrs what seemed like hours, but nothing was happening. As soon Genova hookers Genova I realized that nothing would, in fact, happen, however, a giant, fury rat leapt out at my unsuspecting friend, propelling her back-first Genova hookers Genova the pebbled ground.

Shocked, and then terrified, I turned around and bolted away. But I had left my friend with Genoav giant rat—not a good idea. Yes, I realized.

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Yes, yes, yes. I charged around and shouted Italian vulgarities at the rat.

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It, however, must have been a rat from North Africa, or from Asia, or perhaps even from Genova hookers Genova other non-Italian place in Europe, say, Britain. It was a no-go—the hungry rat ignored me entirely and continued its sitting on my panting friend.

I could only watch as the Rat King chewed in triumph. Not long after the dream, classes started and classes ended. Poi, smiles appeared. Our first weekend had arrived.

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Could Genova hookers Genova get cheap Ray Bands from the etnoci stores near the highway? The port, the aquarium, the sea—why had I not visited any of these before? I needed to explore. Bad move.

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Genova hookers Genova Grnova Piazza Carignano, home to a beautiful church whose picture silly Matthew could not take because silly Matthew forgot his camera. Side note: I was almost at the sea.

Unfortunately, it led to an uphill road, hookets, as it happens, is precisely the opposite type of road that I like.

Well, no one but an Genova hookers Genova woman. This woman, sporting black high-heels, a short, sea-blue skirt, and a thin, yellow shirt, looked at me in a way no normal stranger would.

My brain knew what was about to eGnova. My legs, however, did not. As we neared, her Genova hookers Genova began to take clearer form. Her cheeks were hollow and pinked. Red lipstick covered her lips; coffee residue crowned her teeth.

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But why not, my legs asked as they pushed me Genova hookers Genova. With only four meters separating us, I finally heard it: I lowered my head, crossed the street, adopted a New Yorker pace, and did it all without saying a word.

Whew, I thought. I made it. I escaped.

I survived. I looked to see who it was. How true.

How very true. I heard it again as I neared the port. Genova hookers Genova your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Sign me up! Meandering Me Broadly speaking, this blog aims to convey observations about Genova hookers Genova native and the tourist. More precisely, it seeks to communicate my experiencs in Genoa, Italy. Home About. Prostitution is legal in Genoa. Ruh uhI thought. This means trouble.

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So I thought. Uncategorized Tags: GenoaItalian languageItalyLawProstitution. Travel with Matthew! Genova hookers Genova 3 other followers Sign me up! Archives August July June Top Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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you should be wary of some streets where there is prostitution out in the Genoa's Porto Antico, or “Old Port”, is the cultural heart and center of the city. For bus times, check the AMT website ( Genoa, Italy, Liguria, street view prostitution, street view hooker, streetview hooker, street view prostitute. Telephones of Hookers Genoa; video genova (video); Telephones of Escort Genoa Italy Liguria. You mean you didn't enjoy the surprises.

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