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The first thing you should know about the first episode of The Golden Girlswhich premiered 30 years ago to widespread acclaim, is that one of the girls in question was actually, briefly, a guy. His name was Cocoand he was a cook, and he was gay, and he worked for Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose in their be-wickered Miami ranch house as a kind of friend-slash-manservant, and if you imagine Hank Azaria in The Lady at golden girlsonly slightly less flamboyant and slightly more amenable to the bathrobe-with-shoulder pads look, then Lady at golden girls have a pretty good idea about Coco.

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They needed a man. But not a man who would bring sexual tension into the house: The temporary solution was, as it so often goldenn be, a manservant named Coco.

Come the second episode of The Golden Girlsthough, Coco had disappeared with no explanation. The women were so strong on their own, NBC decided, that a man would not be required to make them America-friendly after all.

From then on, The Golden Girls— offering Lady at golden girls template for Designing Women and Living Single and Girls and the now-countless other lady-driven shows that would follow—focused on four fully formed women, repeatedly acing the Bechdel-Wallace test. It would help to launch the career of writers and producers that included Mitch Hurwitzwho would go on to create Arrested Development.

Created by Susan Harris. With Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty. Four previously married women live together in Miami, sharing their. The Golden Girls is an American sitcom created by Susan Harris that originally aired on NBC .. Designing Women began competing against The Golden Girls in the same time slot, however The Golden Girls always got the higher rating. appeared on The Golden Girls First appearance "Rites of Spring" (Season 4) complained that if you go to a women's only gym, you get hit on by women.

It would give a young Lady at golden girls Tarantino the opportunity to extra as an Elvis impersonator. As Rose summed it up, Charlottely, during a seventh-season episode: People can be attractive, energetic, have romances. When do you see people of this age in bed together?

Eventually on this show, you will. We did!

The episode instead finds Blanche—already comically vain, but not yet fully Samantha Jonesed—being proposed to by, and considering marriage to, a gentleman named Harry. Blanche has only known him for a week, and Rose is suspicious of his motives.

Rose also has a vested interest, the episode Lady at golden girls clear, in Blanche staying single: The man turns out to be caddish, the engagement ends up broken, things conclude with a reaffirmation of sisterhood and friendship and some choice bits of sarcasm from Sophia. This old woman was in the mirror. She pauses.

To which Rose responds:. To me it was a miracle. I mean, we get married, we have kids, the kids leave, and our husbands die. birls

Is that some kind of a test? We are aloneDorothy.

We really are. She and her friends, and to some extent the rest of us, would figure it out together. Thirty years later, the show is still as groundbreaking as ever—both despite and because of the fact that its insights come from Lady at golden girls women.

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