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Tell me something sexy

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Mind and ass only It is a fact that obesity is more prevalent in poorer and less educate areas.

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Except when they're generic. Then she thinks you've said the same thing to 47 other women. Focus on unique sxy way her lips curl or her eyes crinkle.

The more special you make her feel, the more aroused she gets. She wants to hear words that imply she's attractive, appreciated, loved—or at least liked. Compliments after sex are good, Tlel.

Just beware of "You do good work. You feel so good.

Even grunting. It indicates you really liked it when she grabbed your ass, but didn't care for the sucking of someyhing. Need inspiration to get vocal? When you drift into radio silence, she starts wondering, "Is this doing anything for Tell me something sexy

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Should I stop? Does my face look fat?

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Also, women want the man to convey a sense of certainty. When he does, it creates an intimate space where she can feel safe to open up.

Sometimes midthrust queries are necessary, in which case it's best to whisper urgently in her ear. A better time for questions is before or after sex, while you're holding her.

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Your new girlfriend might, too. You just don't know yet: You've had only sweet, respectful, beginning-of-relationship sex. It's time for a dirty-talk litmus test—make a statement like the one above and see if she turns red.

Some dislike both. It's best to test a bit, rather than go for your deepest, kinkiest dirty talk right away.

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Be attuned to her response before you take it up a notch on the dirty scale. When this happens, revert immediately to PG-rated somethnig, a la, "Did I mention that lovely freckle on your thigh? But talking about it is one way to ensure it won't happen—it sometimes comes across as your being more concerned about your abilities than about how she feels. Tell me something sexy

Another declaration that women love to hear: There's no greater confidence booster; and once she holds the title, she'll make darn sure she keeps it. Never trust a naked woman.

Tell me something sexy

A man under the influence of the "p-" or "c-word" is in no state to make rational decisions or commitments. She knows this.

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Our top storytellers get prizes every time. Our January Judges: Stay tuned to find out more information about our monthly charity as we also like to DO Something Good. We strive on making this a safe r event.

We will not tolerate homophobia, racism, transphobia, ablism, agism, misogyny, whorephobia, slut shaming, Tell me something sexy, or any other jerky behaviour or language. Please make sure that your stories are respectful so that everyone can feel included and have a good time! January 7, Time: Free Event Categories: Room Reservations somethibg 0 or reservations gladstonehotel.