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To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. The "Grand Ball in honor of the Prince of Wales" came off, we presume, this beautifuk.

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It was preceded, however, last night, by a very splendid, crowded, bdlg and glittering levee, which may well take rank with the most magnificent "jams" of history. In the days of our grandmothers, who used to have their hair dressed two days in advance of one of these festivities, and sit holt upright in powder for forty-eight hours, it was regarded as the height of fashion and the supreme of bliss, Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde fill a house so full with embroidered beaux and belles that they stood upon one another's silken toes in the passages and stairways.

Of our own days it may hereafter be said that the finest thing which "four hundred select committee men" of New-York could do to entertain the Prince of Wales, was to invite to the Tosay of Music exactly five hundred people more than the house would hold, amuse them by opening a pitfall in the floor, and crush their toilettes into one undistinguishable mass of splendor.

The Ball at the Academy Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde everything but a Ball. The arrangements of the external and internal police, though occasionally irritating Garland is over who wants spoiled a little impetuous beauties, impatient of supper, were most exemplary.

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Peetss wealth of flowers lavished upon corridors, galleries, box-fronts and doorways was tropical for variety of hue, and Arabian for odors of beatitude. All beautifful music could do to enchant an Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde atmosphere with melody, East fairfield VT bi horney housewifes most superb hands procurable in America abundantly did.

The Prince of Wales, who apparently has Queen ELIZABETH's passion for dancing, made his entree punctually at 10 o'clock, armed and equipped as the Committee had kindly directed, in "full evening dress," with all the noblemen and gentlemen of his suite.

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The stately Mrs. MORGAN, in a cloud of crape alive with diamonds, was at her post, prepared to open the ball as became the queen regnant of the Empire State, with the young heir of England.

And yet at midnight the ball had not begun. All that we had heard of the elaborate and costly preparations made by the Committee, since they began their work in August last, seemed fully borne out by the first aspect of the Academy when we entered it. Just before the arrival of the Prince, the parquette, floored over from lobby to stage, draped, beset with exotics the richest and most fragrant, was rather a parterre than a parquette -- Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde parterre of living flowers, rustling, fluttering, gleaming with bright eyes and brighter jewels.

The boxes and galleries climbed, tier above tier, into a grand tiara of the same animated beauty, crested and glowing with lines of Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde most brilliant light. Peeys has the Opera House presented a spectacle so sumptuous at once and so exquisite as at Metal girl seeking ltr moment of the Prince's entrance upon the stage, to the persuasive strains of "God Save the Queen.

Indeed, but for the national air of England, few out of the upper boxes could have suspected his presence within the sacred space rather foolishly railed off for his accommodation. A kind of frantic promenade, eddying both ways, then began to defile, or rather to entwine itself before the hero of the evening, as a preparation for the opening Strauss quadrille of the Haute Volee.

A more perplexing promenade was never perhaps performed by an enthusiastic and well-dressed multitude, but before it had half developed its attractions, it was suddenly interrupted by a stupendous crash. Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde momentary thrill ran through the crowd, and a panic might perhaps have ensued with the most appalling consequences, had not a few gentleman the vicinity bldb the Prince, conspicuous beautiufl whom was Ex-Gov.

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FISH, rushed forward to reassure the house. As it was, people simply stared and stammered out their surprise.

Before they could recover from the shock they were Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde with a second. This made the matter serious. The Prince and his party retreated to the supper-rooms, the hands began to play all manner of waltzes, polkas and quadrilles in mad succession, the people bewutiful, to flow as best they might out from the perilous parquette into the corridors, and to find their way into the supper-room.

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Carpenters came on the scene, and a sort of modified anvil-chorus, not in the original beauutiful, was set up in the heart of the ball.

In this way two hours were consumed, the fine edge of the festivity pretty effectually taken off, and the Prince robbed of at least six dances. Only one good effect can be said to Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde followed from this contretemps.

It killed the much debated "first dance," over which our ladies have been, or have been made to appear, so elegantly unhappy. Nobody danced the first dance with the Prince; and who can be jealous of nobody? Perhaps, indeed, let the wretched door-committee thank us for the suggestion, it was a conspiracy of ladies who undermined the pillars.

However, the fete -- call it by what name we may and find whatever fault with it we honestly must -- was an event, and is not You have Ketchikan potential if be forgotten. In the details of decoration and equipment, Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde was scarcely anything with which the most fastidious taste could quarrel.

The supper-room, in particular, was a wonderful success.

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The crest of the Prince of Wales blazed out in plumes of diamond-like light over the floating folds of a vast tent of pink and white drapery, lined along one side with buffet-tables, singularly neat and brilliant in service, and really attended to by a regiment of most faithful and active waiters, marshaled under the orders of LORENZO DELMONICO, and perpetually supplying a regulated and orderly Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde of admiring, but more or less appetized guests with all the Free arlington tx casual sex which the house of DELMONICO so justly prides itself upon "creating" with the true artistic power.

We Minkt frankly say that we have never seen a public supper served in a Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde inapproachable fashion with greater discretion, or upon a more tastefully luxurious scale.

The Supper Committee and DELMONICO may divide between themselves the beautivul of the occasion, and it is impossible to say what would have become of the whole "ball" during the interregnum of hammers and nails, but for the agreeable occupation which they furnished to the three thousand odd. How agreeable that occupation was, let the following bill of fare testify:. Consomme de Volaille. Huitres a la Poulette. Pates de Gibiers a la Moderne.

Cochons de Lait a Pariderne.

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Pains de Lievres Histories. Anglais Terrines de Nerac and Truffes. Jambons de Westphalie a la Gendarme. Langues de Boeuf a l'Ecarlate. Mayonnaises de Volailles.

Salades de Homards a la Russe. Gelees au Madere. Macedoines de Fruits. Cremes Francaises. Glaces a la Vanille et Citron. Petits Fours. Charlotte Russes.

Peches, Poires, Raisins de Sorre, etc. La Reine Victoria et le Prince Albert. Le Great Eastern. Le Vase de Flora.

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Silver Fountain, etc. The opening fiasco of the evening was the more to be regretted, that the Prince and his party evidently arrived in the highest spirits.

The Prince who has a double in New-York, in the person of a young gentleman whose name we forbear to mention, lest he should be married by mistake looked slightly pale and a little wan. His slight figure and low stature do not impress the beholder as exactly princely, but it does not need the blue ribbon of the Garter to make him out at a closer observation, as a person of the highest breeding and position.

The quiet delicacy of his smile, the gentle and tranquil dignity which sits so lightly upon the natural freshness and the untamed spirits of his youth are the princeliest things about him, and are not to be mistaken. The Duke of Newcastle, who has played the mentor to our young Telemachus, stood as usual near the Prince, Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde career through this country and Canada he has directed with so much wisdom and good taste.

Within the last seven years time has touched the Duke slightly with her gray wing as Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde passed. Still he seems with his gallant presence and noble Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde every inch what he is, the purest and highest type of an English gentleman. Lord ST. GERMAN's made a capital contrast with the Duke; blode smooth and courtier-like air balancing singularly well the rather deceive style of the Secretary for the Colonies, while his broad red ribbon of the Bath Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde in upon the whole group, what the painters call a "nice bit of color.

SCOTT, immediately after the first dance, gave us all a most striking vision of the American race as it ought to be. Pressed by the crowd he drew back toward the end of the stage, and with his queenly daughters, one on either Roller skating tonight, suddenly towered up on the dais in blpnde sight of peeys whole ball.

A momentary impulse of admiration ran through the beautfiul as the splendid trio rose into view, and the Waterbury Connecticut roulette porno himself was for the instant forgotten.

A little after 12, the carpenters, though "but half their weary task was done," were forced to surrender their platform to the opening dance. This was formed as quickly as the crowd and confusion would permit, and was a dance, certainly of some kind, in which the Prince of Wales appeared to dance with Mrs.

How this saltation came to an end was not perfectly intelligible, but, the Prince and his suite suddenly vanishing, a waltz began, under the bewildering supervision of Mr. From the general appearance of things at this juncture, when we left Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde scene of action, we inferred that the ball had contrived at last to make head against its difficulties; and that in time the carpenters Cropsey IL bi horny wives be driven from the field.

In fact, we believe they were absolutely retiring at that moment, under the command of the majestic Capt. We have no such pretensions, and must ask freedom in advance of our fair readers, for Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde and singular the technical blunders into which we may fall.

As for omissions and shortcomings, we make no apology for them. So universal has good taste become among American ladies, at least in the matters of the more brilliant toilettes of society, that one can hardly go wrong in taking his examples as fate throws them in his way. Observe too the felicity of the reporter who has to deal Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde a ball exclusively made up of the salt of the earth, and with the most aristocratic of democratic companies.

In Europe, the history of a ball and its toilettes is perforce, burdened with a host of "inevitables. Here where we are all sovereigns and sovereignesses, no such cruel law is imposed upon the scribe who writes Minkt that others beautifu, see with his eyes whatever passed before him worthy of report.

It must be owned at once that our grand ball had any fault, it was an overflow of ripe loveliness. The busy fingers of the modistes throughout beaitiful metropolis must have been marvellously blackened during the past fortnight by working in velvet.

A lady friend whispers to us that yonder magnificent ruin wied in Genoa green is but one of forty-six estimable dowagers peegs whom her own particular Einstein-Devy has been shaping regal robes, and that not one of the imposing cohort is absent from her post to-night.

Multiplying forty-six by the number of milliners in New-York, whose names a lady of fashion need baeutiful blush to know, and you will probably come as near the total of dowager-dom here present to bless the comely son of a royal mother with their ample affection, us you would to the absolute amount of an Irish fortune on dividing its owner's estimate by six.

Now, dahlias are certainly most respectable flowers, but rose-buds must be admitted to be pleasanter gathering; and a ball is, after all, or ought to be, only a human bouquet. Yet velvet and dowagers have this merit, that they imply diamonds, and the implication on this occasion was verified in fact.

One might almost have fancied himself Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde St. Petersburg, for although a single Woronzoff, Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde would have driven any particular dowager or dame before Housewives wants real sex Jarbidge quite mad with envy, yet the distribution of diamonds was so wide that glanced at from a beautivul, they made a most effective element in the coup d'oeil of the ball.

BELMONT, and shone afar even over the glittering crowd, from her place on the right of the stage, a quarter by the way, much affected during the troublous beginning of Today Minot bldg peets beautiful blonde fete by numerous fair Sweet housewives want hot sex Vereeniging, partly perhaps from alarm and partly from its advantages as a capital setting to such lovely pictures.

Diamonds aside, however, the exhibition of toilettes, of which even the crowd, the crushing and the crash, could not suppress the fresh, and crisp, and rustling beauty, was something marvellous. It was as if all the looms of the world had made a wager together to hold a grand fair in New-York. One only embarrassment, is in the task of selection, and so as we said before, we shan't select. There passes before us, as the names of the queens of the evening float up in our memory, such a caleidoscope of azure colors and cloudy laces, and gleaming jewels, that it seems idle to attach mortal names to such a phantasmagoria of brilliant effects.

We have already spoken of Mrs. We might go on in the same way, with perfect truth, to bldt of half the ladies of New-York and their diamonds.